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January 2008
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Torham [userpic]

This year we're starting out with a bang, hopefully it will carry over. I've inquired about some college courses with University of Phoenix. My wife has gotten an interview for a job, and it went really well. We're waiting to hear the final word back from the drug test is all now.

My two this New Year resolutions were to get myself in better shape, physically, and to have no less than 5grand saved up.
Saving that much money will be the harder of the two obviously, but hopefully it will not prove too difficult. Hopefully by the end of 2009, I'll be a home owner. Hopefully by 2011, I'll have a bachelor's degree.

In the short term, my goals are to have a good, stress free birthday party on the 20th (it's a Saturday). The only gifts I asked for are both food, Death by Chocolate, and Seafood Chowder that my mother in law makes.

After my birthday, I'm going to the doctor to see if there's anything I can do about some of my anxiety issues. I'm not getting attacks like I did a few years ago, but I still would like to feel comfortable around my friends and not worry about saying the wrong thing and being more confident around them. To be more like I feel when I'm at work. I love my job. I'm very good at it, and it makes me feel good to be one of the best at something.

I'm determined to keep these goals and determined not to procrastinate about them.

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I wish you the best of luck with your goals. I know you can accomplish everything you set your mind to.

Good luck man. Goals are good and I'm glad you are following them. Be well.

i ran into syls mom dad and sister in michaels before christmas. we chatted a little.

im on klonopin,i found out anti depressants are bad for me. it helps just the anxiety. of course because of the head injury they tried to put me on prozac and depocote.... i told him lets wait til i start sleeping again. btw have been up 22 hrs i think...

but go on the goals. but ive been hearing thigns about stuff from former aol heads which is making it not such a wonderland. so keep your ears up