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January 2008
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Torham [userpic]
My first Burn.

Figured I'd share my first Burn experience with you.

 This weekend, I went to BFE, South Carolina, to Element for my first Burn. I had an awesome time. We originally had planned on leaving around 330pm from my work and going straight on up. We actually didn't leave til around 700pm, and we arrived about 1230 or 1am. First thing that happened when we arrived was I got a paddling (the good kind)from Krystal. After setting up the camp, went to bed about 430am.... Not much else happened.

Saturday, got up and had breakfast around 1130 or so, sat around and smoked and ate breakfast. I had a bagel and lox and various fruits and vegetables that people were coming around with. I didn't think I'd like lox, but I did, a lot. About 130 or 2, we started drinking.. Red bull and vodka (yumm) and we blew up this incredible 4 person lounge for the lake. The water was kinda cold. The Fish were a bit too friendly. We did have a nice view on the lake, and just lounged for an hour or so. It was fun to just relax and sunbathe and talk to people. Kept on drinking and smoking the rest of the afternoon. Kim made tons of food and made sure I was well fed, along with the rest of the burners. We watched them put up the effigy and load it with fireworks and surround it with some straw and wood... Pretty much just hung around til everyone gathered around at dusk and started playing with their various flaming objects. My favorite was Leelee with her fans. Lots and lots to watch. About three glasses of LPR later, they made us turn off our music and had some drumming and started setting off fireworks for about half an hour, and two glasses of LPR later, around midnight they lit the effigy. More fire toys were lit up, and the music resumed... I passed out/fell asleep about 130 am, so I don't remember much else.

I spent a bunch of time out in the sun, unprotected, and got a sunburn on Sunday. We packed and swam and ate like pigs all day again. On the way home, we stopped at Fudruckers and got supper, and ended up getting home again about midnight...

I'm definitely looking forward to Transformus :D


well i am glad you liked it! you were a great help! it would have been rough if you and all the people who came over to help us when we got there weren't there to help us get the lounge up. it was nice to have you around, i usually end up alone cooking in the lounge half the day, but since you were there i had more company all weekend. oxoxox!

Can't wait to party with you at Transformus!